With over 28 years of experience in the field of resolving conflict and improving communication I have a very clear understanding of the costs and consequences of these barriers to progress for individuals and organisations alike.

Clients often tell me they wish they had acted sooner, wish they had understood better and wish they had seen how ‘easy' it was to sort the problem out in comparison to the pain and stress they have been going through. Those insights often come after the support and assistance I provide as an independent professional facilitator and mediator.

The art of my trade is to achieve effective outcomes for all parties with the lightest possible touch. Successful mediation, facilitation and collaboration entail the ability to look at a situation from an independent (unconstrained) perspective, a good listening ear and knowing when and how to apply a particular set of skills.


It is both challenging and rewarding to be able to assist people to achieve such positive outcomes and insight, the experience and skill set I apply has been developed in many different environments and literally thousands of hours of working with people addressing very challenging situations.

These learning environments include;

  • 10 years as a probation officer
  • A law degree at the University of Waikato
  • 19 years legal practice as a barrister
  • 28 years as a mediator and restorative justice facilitator
  • 3 years as a disputes tribunal referee
  • 3 years lecturing in Dispute Resolution at Waikato University
  • Accreditation on the LEADR advanced panel of mediators
  • Accreditation as an associate of AMINZ
  • 8 years on the Domain Names Mediation Panel for Internet NZ
  • 4 years on the mediation and facilitation panel for the Environmental Protection Authority
  • 12 years facilitating community engagement processes in Waihi
  • 3 years as the chairperson of Restorative Justice Aotearoa
  • 4 years mediating in Family Dispute Resolution (regarding the care of and contact with children)
  • 22 years of training provision in a variety of areas including mediation, facilitation and restorative justice.


It has been exciting to work alongside other practitioners actively seeking to grow the use of collaborative processes such as mediation, facilitation, restorative justice, community – industry collaboration, expert caucusing, facilitated meetings to address environmental impacts and many other uses of this collaborative skill set. As we learn more about how to apply these approaches to addressing divergent interests and conflict, we appreciate that not only are they faster, cheaper and less damaging than more litigious or competitive approaches to dispute resolution, they actually produce better outcomes!

No longer seen as the soft option, these collaborative processes are the crucial first step in conflict resolution. They are rigorous and robust and can often circumvent the need to go to the more formalised and expensive court process. The Collaborative Solutions team incorporates a group of mediators who strive for high quality outcomes and continuous improvement with their collaborative solutions.


My experience has taught me that the essential starting point in working with my clients to resolve issues is to take the time to sit with them, listen, and really understand the problem. Once we have done that together then I am in a much better place to assist each party to work with me in designing an appropriate resolution process.


"Tim and his company provided invaluable assistance in resolving a very complex resource management matter. They quickly got up to speed with the matter, and following a series of day long workshops (with a number of technical experts representing a range of parties with diverging interests), were able to facilitate the experts in reaching agreement on the technical solution to the matter.
We would happily use them again."

Ann Maddox & Michelle van Kampen
Senior Associates
Simpson Grierson

"Last year I had the onerous task of giving a victim impact statement to the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) relating to my brother’s torture and murder by the Khmer Rouge in 1978. In preparing to deliver my statement I found the support given by Tim and his company was invaluable.
With incredible patience and thoughtfulness they helped get on paper a detailed account of the trauma the loss of my brother caused our family. This was no walk in the park for them but their empathy and genuine desire to help made for a huge contribution to my day in court. I am thankful they were there and available at this crucial moment in time."

Rob Hamill
Transatlantic oarsman & motivational speaker

"Objective facilitation of the Waihi Community Consultative Committee over a period of years was a huge factor in the success of the organisation’s development from a disparate collection of people with conflicting viewpoints to a cohesive organisation with the name of Waihi Community Vision. The achievements of this group are in no small part due to Tim's conciliatory skills, who succeeded in bringing the various parties together to push towards common goals."

John Tregidga
Hauraki District Council

"We have dedicated teams located around the country. Sometimes there are issues that are best handled using local professionals in the field who offer an outside perspective. We found Tim and his company in the Yellow Pages, and what a find – our team responded well to the workshops and were able to move forward. Today the team is stronger than ever.
Thanks Tim for engaging with our team and helping to design a pathway forward."

Dionne Willcocks & Tim Harding