The significant impact of Bullying and Harassment in the workplace is now better understood and it appears that the problem is more prevalent than previously assumed. As outlined in the Worksafe NZ Best Practice Guidelines February 2014, bullying is a workplace hazard. See Worksafe Guidelines.

Employers have an obligation to protect their staff against such hazards and this obligation is going to be increased under the pending legislation Health and Safety Reform Bill - New Zealand Legislation.

Tim Clarke > Collaborative Solutions provides assistance with the development of bullying and harassment polices, training to raise awareness and develop/enhance a non-bullying culture and an investigation, facilitation and resolution service for employers and employees wanting to resolve specific workplace concerns relating to bullying and harassment.

Tim has experience of providing this service as part of an ongoing contract with the University of Waikato. To see the University of Waikato Bullying and Harassment Policy on their website; CLICK HERE.

If you require assistance with investigation and resolution of bullying issues please contact Tim Clarke > Collaborative Solutions and we can discuss how best to proceed with your concerns.