“…28 years experience has taught me the art of my trade is to achieve effective outcomes for all parties with the lightest possible touch…”

Working alongside your “opposition" to resolve an issue may seem counterintuitive - but is it? When you consider the time, reputation, relationship and financial costs that result from competing or retaliating, then taking a collaborative approach makes good sense.   

The problem is, mistrust, expected outcomes and poor communication often make resolution impossible. Disputes remain unresolved because the inter-party dynamic is saturated with frustration, assumptions and a lack of opportunity to talk, question and develop understanding.

With skill and patience, good facilitators and mediators provide an environment where problems can be solved and agreements reached in a way that is more comprehensive, valuable and durable than is possible in a conflict environment. I know first hand that:

Collaborative mediation works in resolving:

  • All disputes, from commercial through to family based situations.
  • Resource management issues (pre-hearing meetings, expert caucusing and Industry/community collaboration).
  • Environmental compliance and decision making (public meetings and community consultation).
  • Workplace issues — team dynamics plus bullying and harassment.

Collaborative facilitation generates positive and effective:

  • Industry/community relationships.
  • Professional think-tanks.
  • Organisational culture change.
  • Team problem solving, development and capacity building.
  • Strategic planning and partnering.
  • Resolution of the harm caused by offending — restorative justice.

Clients often comment that not only do they benefit from the skills and environment provided to assist them in resolving issues in a way that works best for them, they also learn from the process so are able to avoid or resolve future problems themselves.