Mediation is a results based process where parties work together with the assistance of a neutral third party (the mediator) to establish an agreement that resolves their dispute. While by their very nature, mediated outcomes require some degree of compromise, our approach to mediation focuses on achieving genuine and lasting resolution through increased understanding of the issues and needs of each party. 

Mediation is a prompt, easily accessible and cost effective method of resolving issues. It offers the opportunity to minimise reputational damage because it is usually confidential and presents as a collaborative rather than adversarial approach. The outcomes of mediation are rigorous, reliable and (where this is important to parties) can maintain and rebuild relationships rather than destroy them. 

Recent and current mediation work includes;

  • Resolving disputes about Family Protection Act claims between beneficiaries of a parent’s will.
  • The dissolution of a business partnership on agreed terms.
  • Re-formulation of a partnership to fulfil a Central Government contract.
  • The objects and function of a private trust.
  • The sale value of a family farm.
  • Access to private land through property owned by an Ahu Whenua trust.
  • A partner’s dispute regarding a joint agricultural operation.
  • The employment relationship terms of a senior member of staff of a public organisation.